Art and You

Art and You

Debra is a Transpersonal Art Therapist, Artist, Teacher and Group Facilitator. She currently offers Transpersonal Art Therapy Sessions and facilitates Creative Expression Art Classes in Newtown, Sydney. Debra, also teaches Transpersonal Art Therapy at the College of Complementary Medicine.

Debra is passionate about drawing and painting. Throughout her healing journey, art has allowed her to gain a greater understanding of herself and the unfolding of many parts of her own unconscious self; an area that has given much meaning and depth to her life.

She offers private Transpersonal Art Therapy Sessions through her business ‘Art and You’ and assists others to heal, exploring and regaining their sense of self and reclaiming parts of themselves they may feel they have lost.
“I have had many clients visit me who have been suffering from depression for many years and have been unable to shift from this place. Within a couple of sessions, something clicks for them and they start to slowly see meaning and gain understanding of themselves and their lives. The whole experience is very rewarding” – Debra.

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