Charmaine Iversen Kinesiology & Natural Therapies

Charmaine Iversen Kinesiology & Natural Therapies

Charmaine is a Kinesiologist and Natural Therapist, helping others to improve their health and well-being since 2005. Over the years, she has mastered many aspects of gentle yet powerful natural treatments, and her methods combine Kinesiology, Spinal Flow, Forensic Healing, Body Talk, Access Consciousness, Theta and Pranic healing, ITA (Integrated Therapeutic Alignment) Reiki and many more. Charmaine is dedicated to helping others become the best version of themselves, and leading happy and healthy lives. Our subconscious thoughts and feelings can have a huge effect on our lives and sometimes prevent us from achieving wellbeing. These energy blocks and imbalances in our bodies can manifest as emotional issues and even physical symptoms, which can hold us back in everyday life.

By working with the body-mind-soul connection, Charmaine can help you address these subconscious issues, and help you create more positive and beneficial thought patterns. Once you’ve cleared these energy blocks and negative thought patterns, your body can then activate the healing process. Charmaine will work closely with you to find the issues, and arrive at the optimum treatment methods for you as an individual. Based in Baldivis, Western Australia, Charmaine has helped numerous people in Perth, WA and beyond, so whether you’re in Rockingham, Mandurah or further afield, you could benefit from Charmaine’s uniquely successful alternative therapy techniques. Some sessions can even be conducted over Skype.

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